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Chill Cafe Acomb

Westfield, York


Pay as you feel lunch -Come and enjoy one of the hot dishes of the day, pay what you can afford, or don't pay if you can't afford to. Pay only for your drink if you have one.
FREE DONATED food table also available (leave a donation if you wish)
You can also pay forward for another meal for someone who can't afford one.

We are also trying to create a group kitchen that will be used for:

•Teaching vulnerable adults to cook independently as a lot of them live on microwave meals and tinned foods.
•Teaching teens who may or may not be vulnerable to cook for themselves nutritiously and on a budget.
•Using food as a vehicle to develop conversation and participation with teens.
•Using food as a vehicle with our mental health groups
•Cooking for carers and young carers as a peer support activity and also to look to nutrition and cooking on a budget.
•Cooking groups for children with special needs as an inclusion and stimulation activity. Also using it as a family activity with support.
•Providing mums with a space to practice weaning recipes as a group as part of our peer support and in connection with treasure chest
•Doing cooking lessons/brunch gatherings for people who may be social isolated that will incorporate on some occasions involvement in the creation of the brunch to stimulate relationships and shared knowledge
•Using the kitchen to run a YOURCAFE once a week, this will be a pay as u feel café run by people with additional needs supported by the chill in the community staff. This will also incorporate a shop of what food is over for people to take for use at home i.e. fresh fruit, veg etc.
•Offering budget cooking lessons for local families with nutrition information to help with the rising issue of child obesity.
•Working with edible York and abundance York to ensure food is used and not wasted.
•Families struggling on low incomes to provide for families and using food banks in the area.
•Socially isolated people
•People struggling to gain a meal i.e. homeless in the area
•Teens in the area who are vulnerable
•Carers and young carers
•Mums/dads/care givers who want to know more about weaning and food for themselves and their children
•Anyone who wants to be part of YOUR CAFÉ in the area as far as volunteering or using.

Contact information

01904 787008


8A, Acomb Court, York, YO24 3BJ

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  • 12.00pm-7.00pm


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