Child Poverty Strategy

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The City of York shares the national ambition to eradicate child poverty by 2020. This ambition was laid out in the Child Poverty Act and passed into law in March 2010.

There are frequent developments in City of York for supporting families where there is poverty. See the Child Poverty news page for the latest updates

City of York Child Poverty Strategy

The Child Poverty Strategy for the City of York was launched in December 2011 The aim of the strategy is to achieve a fair and inclusive society where every child is given the best start in life and an equal opportunity to fulfil his or her potential.

York Youth Council has made poverty one of their key campaigns. The Youth Council were heavily involved in developing the original Child Poverty Strategy and have campaigned about Free School Meals and more affordable School Uniforms.

Child Poverty in York

Each year a local Child Poverty Needs Assessment is undertaken for York. This describes the level of Child Poverty in York and the impact on families. An extensive Child Poverty Needs Assessment was undertaken in 2011. This has been updated in December 2012.

  • The proportion of children in poverty in York has decreased to 12.9% (4575). This is in line with national reductions. York has about half the level of child poverty compared to regional and national levels.
  • But York has a greater proportion (over 70%/3335 children) of children in poverty living in one parent household than is the case regionally or nationally. 
  • There are still 5 wards which experience higher poverty levels than regional and national levels.

Support for children and families in poverty

There is a long-standing and continuing tradition in York of the whole community supporting families affected by poverty. Take a look at work happening locally to address child poverty.

Everybody's Business – Workforce Development

All workers will come into contact with families where poverty is having a severe impact on children and young peoples lives. There are a number of local and national resources which can help raise the workforce’s awareness of poverty and their support for families.

Poverty in Perspective - This project aims to improve our understanding of poverty in Britain, by looking more closely at the lived experience of those in poverty.